Usef Tep, nicknamed the Purple Bear, was a warrior-drafter and hero of the War Of The Prisms, in which he fought for Dazen Guile. He was a blue/red bichrome.

Usef stood 6'6" tall, barrel-chested, burly, and hairy, with a full, wild beard, long, wild dark hair, and dark eyebrows. He hated his nickname and would often growl angrily in response to it, which only served to cement the name.

He and Samila Sayeh fought on opposite sides of the war. During the conflict, Samila's best friend killed Usef's wife, and Usef killed her in revenge. Despite the fact that Usef and Samila had ample reason to hate each other, they were both sick of war and death, and instead became friends, and eventually fell in love.

Usef and Samila, along with a large number of the other surviving drafters from the war, planned to submit to the Freeing at Garriston, but with the approach of the Colour Prince's army, asked Prism Guile to allow them to sacrifice themselves holding off the invading army long enough for the people of Garriston to evacuate. Gavin, overwhelmed by this selfless gesture, readily acquiesced. Usef died when an artillery shell hit the building behind him, rupturing his chest. Impossibly, he remained standing and conscious for a few seconds, long enough to see that Samila was uninjured, which gladdened him before he died. After his death, Samila flew into a rage and massacred the team of soldiers manning the cannon that had killed him.

After Usef's death, as Samila thinks about him, she says that he no longer cared about the Chromeria or Orholam, only about what is right and about Samila. Additionally, she says that he did not believe in the afterlife. It is likely that whatever faith he once had, if any, he lost as a result of the horrors he saw and experienced during the war.