A former Satrapy and home to the battle of the Sundered Rock and Kip Guile. It is also where the Color Prince first publicly revealed himself. After the False Prism's War and the burning of Garriston, each of the other six satrapies took turns governing Tyrea in two-year shifts (beginning with Paria), each pillaging and leaving the country destitute for the next in line to repeat the process. This continued until the events of The Black Prism when the Color Prince conquered it.

Tyrea is extremely fertile, "...figs, grapes, pears, dewberries, asparagus—everything grew here." Traditionally Tyrea represents the color green and its satrap names The Green in the Chromeria. However since the (False) Prism's War, Tyrea hasn't been considered a true satrapy, thus has no Satrap and cannot name a Color.

People of Tyrean descent are known to commonly have kopi- or caramel-coloured skin, dark eyes, dark, full eyebrows, and dark hair that is either straight or wavy.

Traditional garb for Tyrean women includes long skirts made of flax, bangles on the wrists, and scarves used to tied back one's hair.

Even with far fewer people to tend the groves since the end of the war, Tyrea is still known for its oranges. Tyrean oranges are smaller than Atashian ones, but sweeter and juicier.

Known TyreansEdit