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This is the online encyclopedia for characters, organizations, important objects, & locations within the Universe of the Lightbringer Series by Brent Weeks. I’m not going to lie, this Wiki is in need of some serious work before it is truly up to par, but we are working to make this Wiki a really helpful and inviting place for people who want information about the series.

Warning: this wiki contains spoilers for the first four books in the Lightbringer series.

Books in the Series

The first book is: The Black Prism (2010) 768 pages

The second book is: The Blinding Knife (2012) 671 pages

The third book is: The Broken Eye (2014) 816 pages

The fourth book is: The Blood Mirror (2016) 704 pages

The fifth, and final book is: The Burning White (2018)

About the series

In the world of the Lightbringer books, there exists a special kind of magic called Chromaturgy, which involves turning light into a physical substance called Luxin. Those who use this magic are called Drafters, who learn how to harness their talent at the Chromeria.

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