Superchromats are extremely color-sensitive people who possess the ability to distinguish light frequencies with a high degree of accuracy. As a result, Luxin they seal will rarely fail. A Superchromat can see colors more clearly than normal people. About half of women, (such as Aliviana Danavis,) are Superchromats, while only one in tens of thousands of men are Superchromats (Kip Guile and Dazen Guile are both Superchromats, as is the husband of Rekton's Alcaldesa. Corvan Danavis even commented on how unusual it was to have two male Superchromats in the same small town.) Although the ability to draft has a hereditary component, it appears that being a Superchromat is not strictly inherited, since Gavin Guile was not one, while his son Kip was (the Superchromat Gavin Guile being, in reality, Dazen Guile.)

Another ability of Superchromats is their ability to see in the Sub-red and Superviolet spectrum, which grants them a degree of nightvision (although it is a nondescript night vision).

Any non-superchromat drafter (about half of female drafters and the vast majourity of male drafters,) is referred to as a "flailer," in reference to them metaphorically flailing about in drafting due to not having the precisison afforded by superchromacy.