Gavin always had a habit of setting goals for himself, a trait he inherited from his father, Andross Guile. Every seven years as Prism he would set Seven Great Purposes. The most recent seven are as follows:

  1. To tell Karris the whole truth. Who he really was, why he broke off their engagement with no explanation, everything. (This is definitively the first)
  2. To save the people of Garriston from the poverty and corruption that had had them in its grip ever since the False Prism's War. (This is definitively the second)
  3. To get an army loyal to him personally.
  4. Learn how to fly. Later changed to:To go faster than any man alive.
  5. Undermining certain Colors on the Spectrum in order to be named Promachos again.
  6. To kill all the colour wights. All of them, in the enitre world."
  7. Become an Immortal. (Only implied.)

He hints that all together they collectively lead to one grand design that he barely dares think about, it is so audacious. The only exception to this is telling Karris. If she feels it is right, she would tell all and end his plan.