Samila Sayeh is a legendary blue drafter and hero of the War Of The Prisms, in which she fought for Gavin Guile. She was a peaceful person with no desire to be a warrior, until the Massacre of Ru killed most of her family.

She is in some way related to the Atashian royal family, the majourity of whose members were massacred by General Gad Delmarta during the War Of The Prisms. One of the victims was Samila's favourite little cousin, Meena. Meena was 7 when she was killed, her body thrown down the steps of the Great Hall of the castle of Ru.

She stated that she once had a fling with (the real) Gavin Guile.

Shortly before the Battle Of Garriston, Samila deduced Gavin's true identity as Dazen, but kept his secret, not least because she believed that Dazen was a better Prism than Gavin ever would have been.

During the war, Samila's best friend killed Usef Tep's wife, and Usef killed her in turn. Though Usef and Samila had ample reason to hate each other, they became friends after the war ended, and eventually fell in love. Samila said to herself later that they were "two broken warriors tired of war."

Samila and Usef, along with a large number of the other surviving drafters from the war, planned to submit to the Freeing at Garriston, but with the approach of the Colour Prince's army, asked Prism Guile to allow them to sacrifice themselves holding off the invading army long enough for the people of Garriston to evacuate. Gavin, overwhelmed by this selfless gesture, readily acquiesced. Usef was killed when an artillery shell hit the building behind him, rupturing his chest. Impossibly, he remained standing and conscious for a few seconds, long enough to see that Samila was uninjured, which gladdened him before he died. After his death, Samila flew into a rage and massacred the team of soldiers manning the cannon that had killed him. Although she killed them all, she broke her halo in doing so, rendering her unconscious, at which point she was captured by the Colour Prince's forces.