Sadah is the incumbent Superviolet on the Spectrum, and represents Paria. She is described by Prism Gavin Guile as tall, skin-and-bones, with hands "gnarled as a yucca palm branches," with skin that is coal-black and psioratic. She wears her kinky hair in small knots, over which she wears a tight-fitting cap of woven gold, with gaps for her hair knots.

Sadah, truly embodying the Superviolet ideals, approaches Spectrum discussions and votes with a dispassionate perspective, and is often the swing vote because she is immune to any pressure but that of logic. She also hates lies.

Sadah is of the Mountain Parian people, and Gavin says that she is from minour nobility in a clan that wields little clout in Paria.

Because she was not born into substantial power, it would not have been expected for her to rise very high. The fact that she has attainted the position of Spectrum Colour is due to her "cold intelligence and fierce ambition."