Quentin Naheed is a luxiat and scholar of the Chromeria. He is a gifted scholar, historian, hagiographer, and translator.

During the events of The Blinding Knife and The Broken Eye, high Luxiat Tawleb charges Quentin to assassinate Kip Guile, ostensibly for the good of the Chromeria and the Orholamic faith. Quentin attempts to complete his assignment, surreptitiously shooting a musket at Kip, but Lucia, unaware of the danger, steps in front of Kip at the last second, and the bullet kills her instead. The Blackguards zealously hunt for her killer, since the killing of a Blackguard prospect is as egregious as killing a Blackguard, even if Lucia had not yet taken her vows. Eventually, the investigators discover that Quentin was the assassin, and imprison him pending execution via Orholam's Glare. Quentin, racked with guilt and remorse, cooperates fully, telling the Blackguards and the White, Karris, everything he knows. He reveals Tawleb's role in the events, but is unable to convince anyone, since the only evidence is Quentin's word against Tawleb's, and Tawleb, being of much higher rank, is automatically believed.