Prophecy: When the Seer' servant greeted Karris when she first arrived at the Seer's island, she said "Welcome White Blackguard."

Fulfulment: Karris became the White

Prophecy: An old prophecy Gavin found in a book as a child. It read, "Of red cunning, the youngest son, Will cleave father and father and father and son.”

Fulfilment: Red cunning = red Guile = The Red Guile = Andross Guile. The youngest son of the red is Kip Guile, will cleave Andross and Gavin and Dazen and son( Kip, in a way was the son of all three) .

Prophecy: Get there before noon. Three hours east, two and a half hours north.” (Bk 2, pg, 164)

Fulfilment: Dazen uses this to find and destroy the first Blue bane.