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Paryl Luxin is one of the Heretical Colors meaning it is not officially recognized by the Chromeria. It is below sub-red on the light spectrum and is wispy in appearance to those who can see it. Its primary uses are covert assassination and security. The ability to see Paryl is extremely rare meaning it can be used to mark targets as well as kill them covertly. Adrasteia once saw a Paryl user assassinate a Jasper citizen in broad daylight by shooting a micro-needle of solid Paryl Luxin into her neck. A chuck of solid Paryl was released into her bloodstream which induced a stroke.

Paryl users are also able to see through clothes. This makes them excellent at finding hidden weapons. Ironfist once commented that Adrasteia would be worth five black guards even if she was confined to a wheelchair because she can see Paryl. Unlike the main colors Paryl is almost always present and can be drafted even on the cloudiest days.

In order to see it a drafter must be born with special eyes containing malleable sclera. When drafting a Paryl users eyes would open up so entirely that their eyes looked like black orbs. This poses a significant risk to the drafter. If they open their irises wide enough to see Paryl too often in bright light (sunlight or near mag-torches) they will go blind.

Along with Chi drafters, Paryl drafters were hunted down and eliminated for being heretics by the Luxors of the Chromeria hundreds of years before the events of the books, because the Chromeria teaches that there are only seven colours of Luxin, as seven is Orholam's holy number.

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