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Orange Luxin, or Noranjell, is a highly lubricative Luxin often used in mechanical maintenance. When Held, it can be placed upon surfaces to make an area treacherous to walk on fire, or to put it out, because though it is oily in texture it is entirely inflammable & will smother most fires.

Orange is associated with the sin of Greed and the Old God Molokh. The corresponding virtue that Oranges are to aspire to to prevent this sin is Charity.

Residue Edit

Unsealed Orange Luxin will leave oily, almond-smelling remains behind.

Emotional Effects Edit

Drafting Orange Luxin will induce feelings of comprehension and inventiveness, usually in an artistic sense. After years of drafting Orange it will leave a permanent change to the personality of the Drafter, leaving them more emotive, charismatic, and manipulative.

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