The Nuqaba, birth name Hararu, was the younger sister of Ironfist and Tremblefist, an orange drafter, and, as keeper of Paria's oral histories, the spiritual and religious leader of Paria. As a result, she exercised more power de facto than the Satrapah.

Gavin stated that Nuqaba has 3 children, though they have not appeared in the books.

At some point prior to the War Of The Prisms, Gavin Guile (the real one,) seduced Nuqaba (taking her virginity,) and afterward left without a word.

Marissia, having studied Hararu for 15 years in case she (Hararu,) ever decided to betray the Chromeria, described her as "hateful, petty, jealous, and vindictive."

Brief History

We first meet The Nuqaba in the The Broken Eye. She is a very minor character, but is developed slightly in the later books. She is the sister of Ironfist and Tremblefist. When their mother was killed Ironfist and Tremblefist both went to the Chromeria and joined the Blackguard, leaving the future Nuqaba alone as head of their house. She rose in power and became the Nuqaba, and the true power behind the Satrapah of Paria. She is very unstable. She married the man who was behind her mother's assassination. There are references to him being abusive, until he suffered from an accident which paralyzed him, at which point the tables are turned and she is said to have spent years torturing him before he died.