Kip is one of the main protagonists of the series. He is the bastard son of the (real) Prism Gavin Guile. He is described as tall but chubby, with blue eyes medium-toned skin that is lighter than his mother's mahogany-coloured skin, with kinky hair. He is a full spectrum polychrome, able to draft all seven of the Chromeria's official colours, and can also draft Chi, and is a superchromat.[1]

Aliviana Danavis states that based on looks alone, it is difficult to tell what his genealogy is (Liv being unaware at the time of Kip's father's identity.) She posits that he could be Parian/Atashian or Ilytian/Blood Forester.

After the massacre of Rekton by Rask Garadul's army, assisted by Zymun, Kip is taken to the Chromeria by Gavin (really Dazen) Guile, where he learns Chromaturgy and later begins training to be a Blackguard. While in training, his peers nickname him "Breaker." Kip passes the combat tournament in order to complete his training and begins to form his own Blackguard squad, later dubbed "The Mighty," composed of Cruxer, Ferkudi, Big Leo, Winsen, Ben-Hadad, and Teia, but all of the members except for Teia are forced to escape the Chromeria when Zymun, being groomed to be Prism by his grandfather Andross Guile, orders the Lightguards, the newly-formed Chromeria guards and a pathetic imitation of the Blackguards, to detain and execute them.

Genealogy (spoilers) Edit

Although Kip Gulie is known as a bastard son of the prism Gavin Gulie and a haze addict Katalina Delauria, Gavin's father, Andross Gulie reveals during a conversation with Gavin (Dazen) Guile that Kip is in fact his half-brother, and that Kip is Andross' biological son.

References Edit

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