Rask Garadul was the former Satrap and self-proclaimed King of Tyrea. After declaring Tyrea's independence from the Chromeria, he demanded that the towns and settlements instead pay their taxes to him instead. When the alcaldesa of Rekton refused, he sent his army to slaughter every living soul in the town, down to the children and babies, burned everything, and had the bodies of all of its citizens decapitated and the heads sealed in Luxin and stacked into a huge pyramid in the center of town, as a show of force to deter any further resistance. Because of this, he became known as the Butcher Of Rekton.

Only two people managed to escape: one was Kip Guile, who was rescued by the Prism, Gavin Guile, who happened to be flying in his Condor nearby and went to investigate when he saw the smoke. In the process, Gavin killed 30 of Garadul's elite Mirrormen soldiers, who were toted to be invincible. The second was Corvan Danavis, who coccooned himself in Luxin to protect himself from the fire, then escaped with Karris White Oak when she came to investigate- long after the army had left.