Katalina Delauria was Kip Guile's mother. She is a poor, unwed Tyrean woman and lives in Rekton. She is addicted to haze and thus spends most of her money on drugs, occasionally disappearing for days at a time while going on a bender.

Lina was described as having skin darker than either a Parian or Ilytian, with kinky hair and hazel eyes. Liv Danavis described her physically as "tall, short kinky hair, mahogany skin, stunning hazel eyes," and personality-wise as "an addict, a disgrace, and a nightmare of a mother."

She came to be in possession of the Blinder's Knife through unknown circumstances. She claims in a note to her son to have been raped by (the real) Gavin Guile, prior to Dazen stealing his brother's identity, which appears likely. In the same note she orders her son to avenge her rape and kill his father.

She is mortally injured by Rask Garadul's men during the massacre of Rekton, and dies in her son's arms just as he finds her, after passing on to him the box containing the Blinding Knife and making Kip promise to make "that bastard" pay (assumed by Kip to be referring to Garadul.)

According to Kip Guile's memories of her she was an abusive mother, notably locking her young son in a dark cupboard for days in the company of rats, amongst other mistreatments.