Karris White Oak, later Karris Guile and Karris White, was the love interest of Dazen Guile, a Blackguard, and was ultimately named the White.

Karris is technically a bichrome, but is described as "almost a polychrome." She can draft green and red, and is better at drafting the heat aspect of sub-red better than most sub-red drafters, but is unable to draft a stable sub-red Luxin (fire crystal.)

Karris is the mother of Zymun, and step-mother to Kip Guile, son of the real Gavin Guile and adopted son of Dazen Guile, believed by most of the world to be Gavin. After a turbulent friendship and partnership with Dazen spanning over 20 years, she married him after he finally confessed all of his secrets to her: the circumstances of his brother's death (at least, what he could remember of it,) his theft of his brother's identity, everything. Shortly after her marriage, she was proclaimed The White at almost the exact same time that Gavin disappeared (due to Andross Guile kidnapping and imprisoning him.)

She is short and petite in build, has fair skin, and often dyes her hair, sometimes a different colour every day.

Due to the pale skin that most Blood Foresters have, it is unusual for an individual of Blood Forester descent to become a Blackguard. In The Black Prism, Liv Danavis stated that Karris was currently the only Blood Forester Blackguard.

Despite her great (and famed) beauty, Karris is insecure about her body, notably her large shoulders.