Janus Borig is a sub-red drafter, a demiurge, and a creator of Nine Kings cards. An old woman, she is almost bald, has a long nose, few teeth, and her face is dotted with both freckles and liver spots.

Janus is a Mirror, an extremely rare person whose abilities are artistic in nature and who can only create the truth. Every single one of her Nine Kings cards is completely accurate to the person, object, being, animal, or place that it portrays.

In The Blinding Knife, Janus is the first person to confirm that there are in fact 11 types of Luxin: the seven holy colours taught by the Chromeria: Sub-Red, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Superviolet, Chi below Superviolet and Paryl above Sub-Red, White Luxin, and Black Luxin.

Janus was assassinated by Vox and Niah, two assassins or the Order Of The Broken Eye, most likely on the orders of Andross Guile.