Ilyta is one of the Seven Satrapies. Gavin Guile described it as being "mainly pirates and heretics."

Ilyta's legitimate government collapsed long ago, and is currently ruled by various pirate lords, each claiming a portion of the territory. Most of the other Satrapies pay tribute to one or more of these pirate lords, which enriches them and enables them to do more piracy.

Ilyta is the only known Satrapy in which some members of the society practice castration of drafters, believing that it improves their drafting ability. This theory is ridiculed in the Chromeria, but cannot be definitely proven or disproven, since no one can know exactly what tones another person sees. The possibility exists that puberty changes a man's eyes, but this is a shaky and dubious justification, at best. Nevertheless, the practice continues on a small scale, with one notable example of eunuch being educated at the Chromeria and passing the selection to be a Blackguard being Lytos.

Ilyta ostensibly fought for Dazen Guile during the War Of The Prisms, but as they have no central government or army, this was partially true at most.

Ilytians, like Parians, are known for having dark skin tones and curly hair. Their dark skin gives their drafters an advantage in combat, since it is more different to tell when they are drafting, and- if the drafter is a bichrome or polychrome or if their opponent does not yet know what type of drafter they are- what colour they are drafting.

The first printing presses to be introduced in the Seven Satrapies were in Ilyta, and only recently (approximately 5 years prior to The Blinding Knife,) so the technology is only barely starting to catch on.

Ilytian fashion for women includes multilayered dresses and stilt-like shoes that add an entire hand to the women's heights.

Ilyta is known for its fiery pepper sauce, which likely means that hot peppers are grown there.

Ilyta's ancient language is a system of runes that Gavin considers harsh.

At some point in the past, the Ilytians renounced magic (according to Karris' internal monologue.)

Ilytian craftsmanship, especially that of weapons, is considered to be some of the best in the world. Gavin Guile and Corvan Danavis both own sets of Ilytian pistols, and Gavin and Karris both consider firearms of Ilytian design to be the best. Gavin Guile's set of Ilytian pistols have a more reliable firing mechanism than other weapons, a long blade attached below the barrel, and a belt-flange which kept the weapons secured while holstered and prevented them from injuring the wearer.

After the end of the War Of The Prisms, Ilyta announced that they would take in any refugees who wanted to relocate there, but all who went were enslaved.