Felia Guile was the wife of Andross Guile, and mother of Gavin, Dazen, and Sevastian Guile. She was a handsome woman in her early fifties, with the "classic, Atashian pairing of olive skin and cornflower-blue eyes." Her son described her as "slim despite her age [...] regal, fashionable, comfortable in herself, commanding without being domineering, beautiful, and warm." She is naturally intelligent and intuitive, and due to her Orange drafting she has become more empathetic and more suspicious, making her formidable indeed. In contrast to her cold, calculating, amoral husband, Felia was a warm, loving, compassionate woman who loved her children more than anything in the world. Gavin has no idea how she could stand being married to Andross.

Felia loved Karris and had been pressuring Gavin to marry her ever since the end of the war, despite the objections of Andross.

She was a cousin of the Atashian royal family (the same family that was wiped out in the War Of The Prisms.)

An orange drafter, she died when she elected to undergo the Freeing before breaking her halo, and was ceremonially killed by the Prism, her son Dazen, while she was still sane, just before the Battle Of Garriston.

Before being freed, Felia listened to Dazen recount what happened at the White Oak estate, and reassured him that he was a true Prism, that she loved him, that she was proud to be his mother, and that Sevastian would have been proud of him.

Felia was one of the only Drafters to be Freed by Dazen that day, as shortly afterward, the other Drafters asked to instead sacrifice themselves in battle protecting the people of Garriston from the Colour Prince's army. Dazen agreed, and spent time with each of them as he would have otherwise but did not sacrifice them, instead giving them a special dispensation to fight the next day and die in service to Orholam.

Before she died, Felia wrote a letter to Karris White Oak, in which she revealed many secrets about Dazen and about the circumstances of Dazen's fight against the White Oak Brothers, which resulted in the deaths of all of the brothers except for Koios, who was severely injured and went into hiding for 16 years, until he emerged as the Colour Prince. This letter Felia entrusted to Samite, a Blackguard and close friend of Karris, who owed Felia a debt of loyalty, with the instruction that Samite was only to give the letter to Karris after Felia's death.