A drafter is an individual who is able to harness light in order to utilize magic, by converting various colours of light into a physical substance, called Luxin.

There are 9 known types of drafting; in spectrum order, they are: Chi, Superviolet, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Sub-Red, and Paryl. It has been confirmed that Black Luxin and White Luxin also exist, but it is unclear if anyone living, or indeed anyone in history, has ever possessed the ability to draft either of them.

Drafters who can only manipulate one colour of Luxin are called monochromes, those who have command over 2 colours are called bichromes, and far more rare than either of these group are polychromes, who can manipulate 3 or more colours. Bichromes and polychromes nearly always have talent in colours that border each other on the spectrum, such as yellow and orange, but drafters who can use non-sequential colours do exist.

The seven colours between Superviolet through Sub-Red are the most well-known. Drafters learn the art of manipulating these at the Chromeria, and a representative of each of the seven colours serves on the Spectrum, which rules the entire empire of the Seven Satrapies.

The remaining 2 are much less well-known. Even knowing about the existence of Paryl is rare, and Paryl drafters are rarer still. Chi drafters are rarer even than Paryl drafters. The only drafter who has been shown to be able to draft Chi is Kip Guile, a full-spectrum polychromate.