This is the institution for training individuals in the use of Chromaturgy in the world of the Lightbringer series, training for Black Guards, and serves as the seat of government. It resides on a pair of Islands referred to as Big Jasper and Little Jasper, or simply The Jaspers.

Seven Towers of Little JasperEdit

Little Jasper houses classrooms and training facilities for all Chromeria students and Black Guard candidates. The seven towers also have living quarters for inductees, as well as apartments for the Colors, the Prism, and the White. Each tower represents one of the Colors on the Spectrum, and are arranged in a circle of six around a central tower. Each tower is built of luxin and may contain colors other than the main color of the tower. The only color made of a single color is the Yellow tower. Each of the six outer towers bends outward from the central tower to maximize exposure to sunlight giving the appearance of a great lily flower.

Big JasperEdit

Big Jasper is the center of commerce with its port and busy markets, and it is divided into distinct "neighborhoods" representing each of the Seven Satropies. At the tops of the tallest buildings and towers throughout Big Jasper are huge movable mirrors, called the "Thousand Stars," which are positioned to reflect light to streets below.