Black Luxin is a Legendary Color, which most believe not to exist. It’s powers and capabilities are only alluded to, but it is heavily implied that it possesses incredible destructive power. Indeed, Prism Gavin Guile thought he could use it to obliterate an entire Colosseum full of people, but deliberately chose not to use it. It is said that a requirement for drafting black is incredible hate in one's heart.

Black Luxin has the ability to remove a person's ability to draft a color and give it to themselves; this effect isn't permanent, and Black drafters must continuously kill drafters with Black Luxin to maintain their ability to draft other colors. Black Luxin also erases the memory of the person who drafts it; some Black drafters have used their abilities to make them forget they can use Black Luxin in the first place. Drafting a massive amount of Black Luxin has proven to erase the memory of other people nearby, whose minds fill in the gaps.

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