Ben-Hadad is a drafter and Blackguard, and member of The Mighty: Kip Guile's Blackguard squad. A genius and brilliant engineer, he is endlessly tinkering with weapons, armour, and drafting designs to improve their performance. Ben-Hadad is a blue/green/yellow polychrome.

Being Ruthgari in heritage, he looks like a typical example of his people: with curly, light brown hair, a small nose, tan skin, and brown eyes. He wears a set of spectacles of his own design that have blue and yellow lenses on hinges, so that, depending on what he wants to draft, he can make the spectacles blue, yellow, or green.

Ben-Hadad is shown to be both fiercely independent and loyal unto death. During a discussion amongst the Mighty (not yet called that at the time,) Ben-Hadad remarks that he doesn't trust anyone but himself to know what is best for him. In a later conversation with Cruxer, the Mighty's squad leader, he tells the other Blackguard: "I don't trust you to know what's best for me. But I trust you to know what's best for the squad. For The Blackguard. And they matter more than I do. That's why I take your orders. And why I will. To the death."

During The Mighty's escape from the Chromeria, his knee is crippled by a musket ball, and he is later shown to no longer be as strong of a combatant due to his reduced mobility. Ben-Hadad later compensates for this by designing and using a crossbow of his own design that has enormous shooting power, can be reloaded and fired from horseback, and can fire up to 15 bolts per minute. He uses this weapon to great effect when Kip's army breaks the siege of Dunbheo.

Ben-Hadad has a notorious love of skimmers, and is constantly working on improving The Mighty's skimmers design. He creates a new version of the skimmer for The Mighty's use, dubbed the Blue Falcon, and later the Blue Falcon II. He is currently working on the Blue Falcon III.