Aram is a Blackguard trainee, and one of the trainees in Kip Guile's Blackguard class. Along with Cruxer, Tana, and Rig, he is one of the "legacies" of the class. Aram is a Green/Yellow Bichrome.

Kip described him as tall and muscular.

A fast combatant, Kip and Teia view him as the second-best fighter in their class, after Cruxer. Teia suspects that he playing "sand spider": deliberately downplaying his abilities the way a sand spider hides in its hole, so that he can jump out (and attack) at exactly the right time.

At the final testing of Aram and Kip's Blackguard class, it becomes evident that he, Erato, Barrel, and Balder are all involved in a place to keep Kip below fourteenth place in order to ensure he cannot become a Blackguard. Kip deduces that since none of them are smart enough to have come up with this plan, someone had put them up to it (a brilliant someone with a lot of money with which to bribe them. Suspected to be Andross Guile, which he later confirms.)

Partly in retaliation/revenge for Aram's part in the conspiracy, partly because he wanted to prevent someone who would turn against a fellow Blackguard (trainee) for money, and partly to allow Kip to make the cut to become a Blackguard, as soon as the testing was declared over (i.e. at the exact moment when Cruxer could not be disqualified because of it,) Cruxer delivered a lightning-fast strike to Aram's knee, bending it backward, shattering it, and crippling it. This meant that Kip, ranked fifteenth, rose to fourteenth, and made the cut.