Any idea that starts with the words ‘one last time’ is a bad idea.

Dazen, quoting his father

Andross Guile is the father of Gavin, Dazen, and Sevastian Guile. He serves as "the Red" and was very near to breaking halo until stabbed by the Blinding Knife. Now rejuvenated, he is controlling the current Prism, Zymun, a headache to the White and in league with his servant Grinwoody (secretly the Old Man Of The Desert, the head of the Order Of The Broken Eye,) for nefarious purposes. Despite his position as The Red, he is actually a polychrome; able to draft yellow, orange, red, and (it is later revealed) sub-red.

A tall man, in his younger years Andross was muscular and powerfully built, similarly to his sons when they became men. Once he drew dangerously closer to breaking the Halo, however, he became a recluse, shutting himself in his chambers in the Chromeria with all sources of light blocked, and sent in his Spectrum votes via messenger. So much time spent sedentarily has caused his muscles to atrophy, his skin becoming loose and spotted beyond his years at the age of 65.