Aglaia Crassos (alias Lucretia Verangheti) is a Ruthgari noblewoman, the youngest daughter of an important family, Liv Danavis' handler at the Chromeria before Liv left, and the former owner of Teia.

Aglaia is described by Liv as being blonde and blue eyed, but having a horsey face and a huge nose. She walks with a "butt-puckered" gait.

Aglaia is cruel, sadistic, and manipulative, and views (and treats) her slaves the way she would dogs or horses.

She was assigned to be Liv's handler as: "punishment for some indiscretion with the Atashian Ambassador's son." Why the ambassador's son was interested in her, on the other hand, with her homely appearance and unpleasant personality, is anyone's guess.

Aglaia's father fought for Gavin Guile during the War Of The Prisms, and her brother was the governor of Garriston during the Ruthgari rotation of rule, before the Colour Prince's army attacked the city. This brother, Governor Crassos, was the one thrown into the bay by Gavin during an argument. When it became evident that Garriston would fall, Gavin and General Danavis issued a decree that no ship was to be allowed to leave the port under penalty of death, since they would need every vessel to evacuate the citizenry. The one person who tried to subvert this was Governor Crassos. He was therefore sentenced to death by Gavin, both for violating the Prism's holy decree and for his attempt, which if successful, would have condemned dozens of the people of the city to death due to them not being able to escape on the ship.