Abornea is one of the Seven Satrapies. Its current Colour on the Spectrum is Jia Tolver, the Yellow. The Aborneans strangle Parian and Ruthgari trade through the Narrows, the result of which is that any Spectrum vote concerning trade will quickly have them at each other's throats.

Abornea stayed out of the War Of The Prisms, preferring to trade with both sides, and only joined the fight after the Battle Of Sundered Rock, at which point a victor was clear and the only fighting was against bands of soldiers that hd decided to turn to banditry rather than settle into peacetime. As a result, Abornea was not one of the Satrapies in the rotating rule of Garriston.

In the Abornean mountains, farmers tend goats that produce some of the softest wool available anywhere.